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The Club supports the events held at Crufts in March and Earls Court in November. Members can volunteer to ‘man’ the stand with their Boston’s.
Please make sure your Boston’s are well socialised and happy to have crowds of people flocking to look, stroke and cuddle. This is not for the faint hearted as it is very intense with people generally asking the same questions.
Information leaflets are provided to hand out to the public and these provide details of all 3 Boston Club Secretary’s contact details.
Education is the name of the game. The main thing is to show the public what a Boston Terrier is really about and what they are really like to live with.

Eye Testing
The Boston Terrier Club holds Eye Testing at its Championship Show each year. All breeds are welcome to be tested.
For the last few years we have been lucky to have Prof Peter Bedford spend the whole day at the show testing the Boston’s. He loves the breed and keeps the Club informed of any updates or changes that arise, whether this be from the Animal Health Trust or Kennel Club.
To arrange a place please contact the Secretary via the contacts page.
Boston Terrier Club Members get reduced fee for each dog tested.

The Boston Terrier Club is always looking for hard working volunteers to help with the running of 2 Open Shows, March & September and the Champ Show in June. This requires helping set up of the show an hour before judging commences, making sure everyone works as a team so the shows all run smoothly and are enjoyed by all exhibitors and their dogs. At the end of the show the hall needs to be clean and tidy as it was when the caretaker opened the door in the morning.
The Club holds 4 committee meetings 1 in January and the other 3 after the shows.
Commitment is the name of the game.
The clean, smooth coat of the Boston Terrier makes him a good town dog, but this breed gets cold. If being lead walked in cold weather, a coat or jumper will protect him.
The Boston loves to play, especially with toys which he can shake and throw about, and is therefore
excellent with older sensible children.
The Boston Terrier is a small, compact, active dog whose smart appearance and playful, energetic nature has endeared him to pet owners and breeders alike, the world over.

Click HERE to download a copy of the Boston Terrier Club UK, Code of Ethics

A copy of the Judging criteria can be found HERE

Click HERE to download a Judging List Application Form