Mrs Sylvia Parker

Mrs Anne Clifton – Lincolnshire 01775 713625

Mr Peter Conway – Suffolk 01394 385886

Mr Ian King – Dorset 01258 840868

Mrs V. Tanner – East Sussex 01892 652095

Secretaries phone numbers:
The Boston Terrier Club – 01892 652095


Mrs V. Avent – Faversham
Miss L. Dearn – Birmingham
Ms J.Glynn – Manchester
Mr P. Hounslow – East Sussex
Mrs J. Mason – Luton
Ms K. Jefferson (Suffolk)
Mr B. Naulls – Lincolnshire


The Club is always looking for hard working volunteers to help with the running of 2 Open Shows, March & September and the Champ Show in June. This requires helping set up of the show an hour before judging commences, making sure everyone works as a team so the shows all run smoothly and are enjoyed by all exhibitors and their dogs. At the end of the show the hall needs to be clean and tidy as it was when the caretaker opened the door in the morning.

The Club holds 4 committee meetings, 1 in January and the other 3 after the shows.

Commitment is the name of the game.

Click HERE to download a copy of the Boston Terrier Club, Code of Ethics
Click HERE to download a Judging List Application Form
A copy of the Judging criteria can be found HERE