The Boston Terrier Club


The Boston Terrier Club stipulates that new applicants for club membership MUST be proposed, and seconded, ONLY by existing fully paid-up club members who know the applicant(s), without exception!

Such applicants are also required to answer a variety of pertinent questions and to formally agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Club, and to observe the Code of Ethics.

To comply with GDPR, the applicant(s) must also agree to their name(s) being held on a computer system and that their details may be used in Membership Lists and to aid the distribution of future Boston Terrier Club Events.

The application form is available to view and download HERE.

Submitting the form:

The form contains all necessary information for submission, and also outlines the Annual Membership Fees, payment methods etc.

After receipt of the completed form and fees paid, the application for membership will be placed before the Committee at their next meeting.