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Boston Terrier Breed Health Questionnaire
We are not seeking to identify respondents and all replies will be treated in confidence and will only be seen by the Breed Health Co-ordinator. The results will be collated and the information will appear in the Newsletter.

Please click HERE to download the Breed Questionnaire.

The Boston Terrier is generally a healthy & very active breed. Their life expectancy on average is 12 years. Responsible breeders will make sure they are only breeding from health tested stock, so they are producing puppies of good health and sound temperament.

By only breeding from stock that is health tested and not showing signs of any hereditary defect, we can continue to make sure the Boston continues as the healthy happy breed that we know and love.

However there are some conditions that can affect the health of the Boston please follow the links for more information:

Patellar luxation (dislocated knee caps)
Juvenile cataracts in Boston Terriers
Hereditary Eye Disease Scheme For Dogs

DNA testing – UK-based Laboratories listed by The Kennel Club:

Eye Testing – KC/BVA/ISDS Eye Scheme

The Club holds Eye Testing at its Championship Show each year. All breeds are welcome to be tested. For the last few years we have been lucky to have Prof Peter Bedford spend the whole day at the show testing the Boston’s. He loves the breed and keeps the Club informed of any updates or changes that arise, whether this be from the Animal Health Trust or Kennel Club.

To arrange a place please contact the Secretary via the contacts page.

Club Members get reduced fee for each dog tested.